Masahiko's Trans Diary

Trans topic – intro

This post I don’t know how to start. Where I live, being transgender/trans is seen as a medical condition but it’s not taken as a serious one. Depending on who you talk to, it’s a mental health condition. However I don’t believe it should be.

I am not mad for the way I think and feel, it is the one truth of my reality.

So what if my mindset doesn’t conform with others or I’m ‘slightly’ weird. This doesn’t mean I instantly get to hold hands with the white rabbit and take tea with the hatter. I would love to change just one persons view, open some one’s mind or broaden the horizon’s of the stubborn. A few years ago I started a little book, containing all the little quirks or differences I have to the box standard female. I had hoped this would show that I truly am already a guy and not a girl who just wants to be a guy because from where I’m standing, you can’t just want this.

You have too need this with every fiber of your being, because for me it’s transition or death.

From here on out any posts labeled as a ‘trans topic’ will be experts from that said book. I’ve included the original intro I wrote below:

“Ok, I started this little diary so I could share my revelations with the world one day. You know, I’ve never felt as if I had a part in this world, but when I was younger I didn’t know why. At primary school I never took part in the girl’s dance practices and the guys would never notice me either. But to be honest, I didn’t want to be part of their violent games. Plus I was the only one without an A.S.B.O (anti social behavior order,) in the school, so I didn’t want to socialise with them anyway. I’m transgender, but I’m not sure if I’m even human -M.V.H”


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