Masahiko's Trans Diary

Trans Topic – Women

This is an excerpt of: ‘Masahiko’s Trans Diary,’ simply called, Women.

“Women have always confused me. I don’t understand them at all. I’ve also never been interested in them. I tried to be ‘normal’ and be interested in them. That didn’t work either. The first time I kissed a girl I vomited so hard it came out of my nose mid kiss, then spread all over the floor as I keeled over. She understood my predicament (sort of,) and actually still talked to me afterwards. Lost contact with her eventually. She wasn’t a nice person, I just knew she wouldn’t blab about me.

Over the years I’ve developed a principle for dealing with women, but like all good psychological tricks, they stop working once they know.

  1. Apologize,
  2. Agree,
  3. Distract with shiny gifts/high quality chocolates or thoughtful gifts,
  4. Suggest an alternative solution and point out where you were wrong and they were right.

Works about 90% of the time. Also been known to work with lesbians, trans women, hormonal guys and sometimes gay men.

This tactic became useful, fast, when growing up in my house. Dealing with my mother and keeping her away from anything that would out me. It kept me safe, not wealthy, but safe at least. I know now that part of this was my dom instincts when I was trying to hide everything about myself. Those days were scary and being able to change the direction of any conversation at any given moment, saved my hide more than once.

Lets just say, I have 2/3 friends, one’s my fiance the other two are women. All the other women in my life are either; controlling, psychotic, delusional, ignore me, can go from best buddies to throwing shit at me in under 2 seconds, very few are nice to me.”


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