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It’s a miracle!

This post might be short because I’m suffering from a wrenched limb, which because the universe loves me, is my left (dominant) hand. On top of this I possibly did this injury to my self…(it’s not what you think) I did it in my sleep. I’m just that pathetic I can severely injure myself in my sleep and it’s not the first time.

So because I can barely type, know that even if this is a short post, it took me a really long time to type. So I definitely didn’t just knock this one out.

This might come as a shock but I’m not religious. (Which if you’ve read my other posts you might understand why.)

However I’m a firm believer that the majority of sinners and monsters cling to religion in hope for redemption. It takes true strength to stand free, with no godly safety net and hack your own path out in life. 

Despite this I still refer to what happened as a miracle, not one attached to any higher being. I just use this word because it has more gravitas than relief. Back to the point. For the first time in months I slept. I didn’t crash, I didn’t force myself to sleep, didn’t use alcohol to knock me out, and didn’t drink a gallon of Horlicks. I just naturally drifted to sleep. It was so unexpected that I was still dressed, still wearing my glasses (thankfully they weren’t broken,) and still wearing my smart watch, when I woke up. I got six hours too! I was in such a deep sleep that the message notifications my watch was picking up didn’t even stir me. I may have woken up at 4:15 am but I rolled over and went back to sleep. (After taking my glasses off.)

I just hope I wasn’t tired out from my injury and that’s why I got some sleep for once because there’s no way I’m reliving the hell of this week. I miss being able to move my hand and not use it as a club. I would like to eat with a knife and fork again instead of eating finger food one handed. (Asian food was a nightmare because I spent most of my time chasing the food round the plate with my right hand.) I also miss being able to write and make things and most importantly, hug my pet.


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