life updates

Oh sh*t I have a blog.

I was trying to post at least once a week and needless to say, if this blog was a plant I would have just killed it. I’m not going to make up any sh*ty excuses as to why I haven’t posted. Just know I haven’t been home much, I’ve been making drafts when I’m out and some one was murdered within a stones throw¬†distance of my bedroom. So … yeah.

(By the way, I am seriously not joking about that. I should have been woken by the fire truck, police and ambulance outside of my window. But no I didn’t, instead it was the first time in a month I’d got a good night sleep at home.)

So coming up soon will be a few posts. One proves not always a dick to women. Ha ha. I mean that lightly, I’m not an actual dick to them. I’m just stuck, forever rolling natural ones, in ever encounter that has a woman.


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