A change to the blog.

This isn’t a major change, I just want to share a pretty image I had pop into my head and how it’s evoked a change on my blog. 

I’ve been struggling with how to refer to people when they make the occasional appearance on my blog and after re-reading some posts I started to get confused. Firstly my pet/lover/bed mate is the same person. I just didn’t want to refer to him by name same with any of my friends. But during a car journey I had an image of all my friends, my lover and myself in full LARP gear in the moors near my home town. The image made me smile and it reminded me of all the colourful ways I describe them when I write. 

So here’s the list.

  1. Firstly I’ve got to be the Elven princely character that tortures himself too much with the heart of a true warrior. 
  2. My colourful, (now) lesbian-ish, ex has got to be a half cat, half desire demon (Google it) who tells me all about the dark, seedy underbelly of sex that I love so much. She might hit me for that description. I love you, just platonically.
  3. My best friend who’s crazy (in all the best ways,) is the Princess I refer too quite alot. She’s strong but beautiful, a fighter with colourful hair. 
  4. I have a friend who is also a friend of my love’s who I’ve known for so long but only just got around to sort of co-writing something with. He’s the bard of the party with his poetical soul, and ginger-gold hair. 
  5. My love’s oldest friend is oddly a straight and good looking version of me. We’re so alike in so many ways. The first time we met we compared Dragon Age game saves for hours. He’s a great guy but there can only be one good looking, Princely character. However he works as a blacksmith and has a beard so he totally has to be the strapping blacksmith with the big hammer and amazing beard. (I hope if he reads this, it makes him laugh.) I’m so jealous of his beard.
  6. The blacksmith’s girlfriend is a beautiful lady who has a giant malamute/husky type dog. (It’s about 3 foot plus on all fours.) If I ever mention her I’ll refer to her as the Maiden of the Wolves or The Blacksmith’s Girlfriend. 
  7. And finally (I’ve saved the best till last,) my love. I’ll either refer to him as my bed mate or The Wolf Mage. I could say something cheesey like “he has to be a mage because he cast a spell over my heart”, but it’s inspired by his DnD character. Which for the record is a custom race of a half dog/wolf and a human and he always plays a mage. Plus he actually suits mage gear.

So there’s the list, hope you enjoy the image too and if you’re one of my friends, I hope I did you justice. 


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