Farewell beautiful Princess. 

Today I want to tell you a story, one of a Princess that is dear to me and occupies a special part of my heart. She was one of my truest friends but today I have earned her royal scorn because I couldn’t save her. But before I paint my treachery across the Web for all to see, let me paint a beautiful picture of her. For she is beautiful, even though she is blind to it.

We met in a hell whole that was supposed to ‘help’ us. That place caused far more sorrow than it could ever fix. But it’s important that I start her story here, because it’s where she completely changed mine. For the longest time I had been in the darkest of places. I could feel the shackles of unemployment weighing heavily around my neck. I had no friends, I hated life and I hated the world. I couldn’t take another day of poison from that place.

 Then she arrived in my life.

Out of a room full of people, she chose to sit next to me. That one decision changed my life. She instantly shone light into my dark little world with her smile and golden hair. She had the biggest blue eyes that told me I could trust her. We instantly clicked. Granted my self introduction wasn’t the best, but she stuck around. That day I acquired a friend, something I hadn’t had in many years.  But our time together in that place was cut short. She wasn’t ‘broken’ enough for that place, so they set her free. I was alone again. That place drove me mad and I was quickly looking to escape out of the window. But this story isn’t about me really, and it’s not about that place. 

A few months later I received a message from the beautiful Princess. Once again she saved me from that place, for within that message there was an invite to something that would release me from that monstrous place. I took her offer without a second thought. I still look back on that day and wonder how I had the strength for such a move, but I know it was because of her. 

In that new place we had lots of adventures together. I will never forget those days. I’ll hold them forever. However this is where things started to go downhill for my saviour Princess. I found out far too late that she had fallen in love with a monster. He wasn’t a Disney monster who had a pretty heart. Instead he was rotten through and through. He abused my Princess and stole the beautiful light from her blue eyes. 

The next time I saw her, she had forsaken her blonde locks and couldn’t see the magic in the world. Despite the differences, I could still see my friend in her. I could sense the corruption around her and feel her pain. I wished I could have sewn her soul back together and hugged her better. Instead I became consumed with guilt because I swore to protect her and when she had needed my help the most, I had been in a different country. She’d called out to me, only for it to fall on deaf ears. I still feel bad about this, but there wasnt anything I could do. I couldn’t get back to her even if I had tried. 

Today it’s the same. She called out to me, but this time I can get to her, but I couldn’t help her if I tried. She’s currently facing one of the worst sentences anyone can face. A prison for a crime is one thing, but the only crime the Princess has committed is not being able to cope. If she resists she will be stolen away from me forever. However she probably will be taken anyway. She has lost her right to make her own life decisions. It’s obscene. The cruellest prisons are not ones we make for ourselves, but ones we’re forced into no matter what we do.

The Princess may have lost her way, but doesn’t deserve to become the Queen of Wonderland

So today I’m morning my only friend. I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again. I don’t even know if I can visit where she is headed. Instead I type this, crying into popcorn tea, all because of her. No Cinderellas, Belles, or any other Princess will ever hold a candle to her. So today, I make this her day. If I am never to see her again, I will remember her on this day, every year. I will drink her favourite popcorn tea to her for each year she is gone in solemn remembrance. For I will miss her…my only friend. 

I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you.


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