An Interview With the Author.

So I thought instead of writing an essay on whom and what I am I thought I’d do a quick Question and Answer segment. This should wet your toes in the infernal, piranha infested and deep pool which is my mind, without doing too much damage.

Treat this like a damn, ignore it and you will quickly drown.

So I originally used this template for some coursework many years ago. It provided more of an insight into the character I was designing than just a bio. This time however I have separated the questions into categories. Should make it easier to read or flit back too if you’re reading the blog.

Basic Questions.

1) What’s your name or names?

I go by the names Masahiko, Hiko (for short) M.V.H, (my current initials) NecroPlushHiko, ElvenDom or Master. But you’ve got to be very special to call me by the last one.

2) Where were you born and where do you live?

It’s currently the same place, but obviously I’m not going to give you the exact location. So I’ll refer to it as this: A not so sunny sh*t hole, near Manchester, England. It’s not none for anything great, doesn’t do anything special and doesn’t have a local delicacy. Unless you count Salmonella because we have a very high number of 0 or 1 food hygiene rated places. Let’s just say its the type of place you don’t tell anyone you come from it.

3) How old are you? 

Currently 24 (2016)

Questions on Hobbies and personal interests.

1) What music do you like?

Quite a lot of people think this is an important question when getting to know people. However my answer is a bit convoluted. I like a lot of things, not everything, some rock and metal, Japanese music, German music, some Classical and Neo Classical music (I have a soft spot for Violins and Cellos). It’s easier to say my music taste is as complicated as a good stew. Find my YouTube channel and you’ll see.

2) What do you do in your free time?

I love spending time in forests. I also love playing  DND and video games, especially RPG’s such as Dragon Age. (I am totally not a Dragon Age Fan Boy. Not in the slightest. Ha.) I make do all sorts of crafts and I don’t believe gender has anything to do with your hobbies. What’s between your legs or your gender image shouldn’t dictate what you do. A penis isn’t going to burn all your cakes or mean you can knit a jumper, or fix your dinning room chairs. You do that. So I knit, bake, sew, leather craft, anything creative. The least expected, unacceptable at parties, insane, and ’embarrassing’ the better. Want a jumper for Christmas? I’m not your man. Want a scale maille style jumper that’s comfortable to run around, LARP in and f*ck in? I’m the guy for the job.

3) I ignored your advice and skipped ahead, you like BDSM?

Yes I do. It doesn’t make me a monster. From a psychological view many people think I just like this because I’m Trans and can’t f*ck as good as a normal guy. A, there is nothing wrong with my ability to have a good time. B, I’m just naturally good with rope and find it fun. C, ignore 50 Shades. If you’ve read it, wipe it from your mind, burn it and go to a real event, club or munch. Then laugh at your self for ever liking such a book, because it’s the only thing in the universe that is drier than Christmas turkey.

Misc Questions.

What’s your worst experience? 

That’s a toss up between being raped when I was 14 and claiming Job Seekers Allowance. I was basically the governments bitch for 2 years. Let’s just say it made me a better Dom but almost killed me and it’s not something I’d recommend tourists try if you want an accurate experience of England.

Favourite quotes?

I hate this question because it’s not something I actually look for, so I don’t know what to pick. Here’s a few I’d include;

“A towel, [The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy] says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.” – Douglas Adams.  Reading this as a kid made me take a towel everywhere. It’s obviously a very useful tip, whether you’re travelling this galaxy or another.

“Only the savage regard the endurance of pain as the measure of worth,” Cheshire Cat, American McGee’s Alice the Madness Returns. It reminds me that I shouldn’t put up with needless pain in my life, because it’s not going to prove anything. Plus where BDSM is concerned, it’s the equivalent of saying ‘when the fun stops, stop.’

“Cardboard is boring- look how it burns,” from an Icon For Hire song. It best sums up my view on the vanilla world.

“WARNING: speaks freely, burns bridges and broody,” This is technically quoting myself but it’s my mantra/best describes me. It keeps me true to myself. I even have it engraved on a bracelet because sh*t got so bad in my life I felt like I needed to come with a warning. (P.S broody as in Fenris and Batman, not a mother hen.)

“On the silent shore, where I conquered fear, I spoke to god, but he wasn’t there,” from Kamelot’s song ‘The Great Pandemonium’ The whole song really ‘speaks’ to me (I hate that term,) however this line best  represents how I started my journey and how I don’t believe we should rely on an invisible being to solve our problems and help us in life. I believe that we should cast of religion and think of things as a person, not a puppet.

There’s more but I’d keep you here all day…

Now you can go to the blog, but I warned you, so don’t come crying to me.