Firstly; Hi.

So you’ve found your way to my blog. You might see this word batted around a lot on here, but this is open and no holes barred. 100% truth, pain and possibly sh*t. Don’t worry I’ll censor out any swearing, but this isn’t something you’d let your kids read. Also if you’re under 18…stop.

This is not something you want to read on a whim.

However just like manga this has a how to read section.

First check your age, if you’re old enough and mature enough, please continue.

At ALL COST read the F.A.Q page first.

Then read the blog. Binge read if you want. Sit on the edge of your seat and wait for the next installment too, if you like.

Share with your friends but please only link them to this page.

I’ve warned you, so it’s only fair to let others be warned too.

Please note: I don’t see this as a strong/brave thing to do. It should not take strength to tell the truth but thank you for all your spoken/unspoken compliments.